Video Sessions

Arrows and Arks Introduction

An introduction to the Arrows and Arks Course.

Larry shares the keys to passing the faith from one generation to the next

Session 1 - The Baton of Faith

Larry shares the keys to passing the faith from one generation to the next .

Session 2 - An Unshakable Worldview

Tara explores the role of a worldview on discipleship 

Session 3 - A Heart Connection

Larry explains the role of emotional connection in the spiritual formation of children 

Session 4 - A Gospel Centered Home

Larry teaches what it means to place the Gospel at the center of spiritual development 

Session 5 - Margins, Boundaries, and the Family Calendar

Tara confronts the challenge of discipling our children in the midst of busy schedules 

Session 6 - Holy Habits

Tara highlights the core spiritual values we need to develop in our children 

Session 7 - Intentional Spontaneity

Tara explores ways to use unscripted moments to disciple our children 

Session 8 - One Size Does Not Fit All

Larry helps align discipleship goals with developmental stages 

Session 9 - The Power of Honor and Blessing

Larry explains the role of generational blessing and honor in spiritual formation 

Session 10 - The Art of War

Larry instructs parents on how to pray for and teach prayer to our children 

Session 11 - Discipleship in the Digital Age

Tara dives into a critical discussion on the impact of digital media on discipleship 

Session 12 - Better Together: The Family Tribe

Larry explores the role a supportive tribe in an individualistic culture 

Session 13 - Society's Slippery Slope

Larry dives into a discussion on cultural decline and the impact on our children 

Session 14 - End Times Survival Guide

Larry lays out a case for the soon return of Christ and how to prepare our children 

Session 15 - Raising Lions

Tara highlights the all-important development of courage in a hostile culture 

Session 16 - Engaging the World

Tara tackles the sensitive subject of protecting our children from versus exposing them 

Session 17 - [Un]apologetic: The Bible and Absolute Truth

Jesse addresses teaching our children the Bible as the final authority in their lives 

Session 18 - Confronting the "isms"

Tara explains the various cultural influences impacting our children 

Session 19 - Chasing Love: Sexuality and Gender Identity

Jesse helps parents understand and teach children Biblical gender identity

Session 20 - Moral Purity

Larry provides a roadmap for parents to help their children remain sexually pure 

Session 21 - Epic Stories

Larry explains and illustrates the role and power of stories in the discipleship journey 

Session 22- Ignite: Writing your Family Story

Tara reveals why and how your family can live a great, God-honoring story 

Session 23 - Kids on a Mission

Tara shares practical ways to shape your children’s heart for serving the Lord 

Session 24 - Exit Strategy

Larry lays out principles to prepare your children to thrive after leaving the home